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Cotton B Sanitary Lift Station, District of West Vancouver

Owner: District of West Vancouver

Consultant: Onsite Engineering Ltd.

Upgrade of an existing 1200mm diameter concrete pump station to a new 1800 mm diameter FRP station complete with separate valve chamber, new electrical control kiosk and standby generator. New forcemain and gravity requiring bypass are part of the work.

205 Street Sewer Lift Station Upgrades, Township of Langley

Owner: Township of Langley

Consultant: Water Street Engineering

Upgrade of an existing 1800 diameter concrete pump station with a new slip-in 1800 mm diameter FRP pump station complete with built in valve kiosk and new electrical control kiosk. New forcemain and gravity lines requiring bypass are part of upgrade.

Spruce Grove Sewer Lift Station Upgrade, Whistler

Owner: Resort Municipality of Whistler

Consultant: ISL Engineering & Land Services Ltd.

H2S resistant lining of the Spruce Grove Wet Well with Predl Systems concrete protective liner. Work included bypassing the existing pump station wet well with 8-inch diameter dri-prime pumps for approximately three months; deep cleaning of the pump station wet well; installation of Predl panels complete with grouting the void between the existing wall and the installed panels; and replacement of corroded piping and related items.

Fenton Trash Rack Systems,Pitt Meadows
Owner:  City of Pitt Meadows

Consultant:  ISL Engineering & Land Services Ltd.

Description:  Installation of moving debris screen onto an existing drainage pump station. Includes the dewatering of the watercourse with the use of sheet piling for the channel isolation. Work includes new electrical controls for the screens and auxiliary water pump.

Sewage Lift Station Upgrades, Naomi Lift Station No. 24, North Vancouver

Owner:  District of North Vancouver

Consultant:  Omni Engineering Inc

Description:  Upgrade of existing lift station complete with new valve chamber and wet well mechanical piping, and electrical kiosk modifications.  Work also included upgrade to access path including new stairs.

McKechnie Pump Station Debris Screen, Pitt Meadows

Owner:  City of Pitt Meadows

Consultant:  ISL Engineering & Land Services

Description:  Installation of an automated debris screen system.  Work involved dewatering a watercourse for the construction of a cast-in-place concrete slab, and installation of an automated debris screen, stainless steel piping, electrical conduit, level transducers and control kiosks.

Sanitary Lift Station Upgrade, 28B Avenue & 216th Street, Langley

Owner:  Township of Langley

Consultant:  Opus Dayton Knight Consultants Ltd.

Description:  Installation of two pumps at 28B Avenue and two pumps at 216th Street.  Upgrading of two existing pump stations complete with new piping and valve chamber, including relining of 216th Street pump station with cured in place lining.

Sanitary Pump Station #2 Upgrades,

Owner: City of Chilliwack
Consultant: Associated Engineering (BC) Ltd.
Description: Upgrading of the existing pump station, including new mechanical, piping, flow meter chamber and new underground piping tie-in work.

Bridge Sanitary Pump Station Upgrades, Burnaby

Owner: City of Burnaby
Consultant: Omni Engineering Inc.
Complete upgrade of existing in-ground lift station, including installation of new pumps and mixer, electrical kiosk, valve chamber and odor control unit.

Jervis Forcemain No. 2 Sunset Beach, Vancouver

Owner: Vancouver

Description: Installation of forcemain, including coating and installation of 60m of 914mm steel pipe and appurtenances; set up of a temporary bypass; construction of a cast-in-place concrete junction valve chamber; and fabrication, coating and installation of 914mm diameter steel tie-in.
  Jervis Forcemain

Big Bend Pump Station, Surrey

Owner: City of Surrey

Consultant : Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd.

: Upgrading of existing sanitary pump station including replacement of all mechanical piping and pumping equipment, along with the removal of asbestos in the electrical building. Work also included the installation of a temporary bypass station.
  Big Bend

Bear Creek/West Newton Sewage Pump Stations, Surrey

Owner: City of Surrey

Dayton & Knight Ltd.

Description:  Replacement of the Bear Creek and West Newton Sewage Pump stations by installing two new fiberglass pump stations inside the existing steel wet wells.

Stanley Street Drainage, New Westminster

Owner: City of New Westminster

Consultant: Klohn Crippen Consultants Ltd.

: Emergency repair work of dyke and pump station.

Port Kells Pump Station Upgrade, Surrey

Owner: City of Surrey

Consultants: Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd.

Description: Renovation of existing pump station.

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