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Caisson Installation
Cedar Drive Pump Station & Sewer Mains

Owner: City of Coquitlam

Consultant: ISL Engineering

Description: Construction of a new concrete wet well to a depth of 12m below grade. The extensive sheet pile shoring required was installed by our own forces. The wet well was cast-in-place concrete and was sunk as a caisson. A separate concrete valve chamber and a stand-alone electrical utility building were also built. Directional drilling was used to install 700m of 350mm diameter and 350m of 450mm diameter HDPE pipe at a depth of up to 8m below grade. Open cut trenching was used to install 30m of 500mm diameter PVC gravity pipe at a depth of 10m below grade.

Southport (Elgin) Pump Station, Surrey

Owner: City of Surrey

Consultant: Associated Engineering

Description: Supply, construction and commissioning of a sanitary pump station and control building including related utilities. Supply and installation of a sanitary sewer including service connections.

Gilbert Road Pump Station, Richmond

Owner: City of Richmond

Description: Installation of one 24' x 11' rectangle x 3' deep sump by caisson method.
  Gilbert Road

East Richmond Agricultural Water Supply, Richmond

Owner: City of Richmond

Consultant: Stanley Associates Engineering

Description: Construction of a100kW irrigation pump station (caissons method) adjacent to the Fraser River, with a 91m long, 1220mm diameter intake pipe going into the river. Completion of related works to provide irrigation for the cranberry fields.
  East Richmond

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