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Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Station
32nd PRV Station Replacement,
City of Surrey

Owner: City of Surrey

Consultant: Water Street Engineering Ltd.

Description: Supply and installation of a new above ground PRV complete with steel enclosure kiosk, associated controls and instrumentation. Inlet and outlet piping is 250mm stainless steel.

PRV & Pump Station Upgrades, Pitt Meadows
Owner: City of Pitt Meadows

Consultant: ISL Engineering & Land Services Ltd.

Description: Removal of two existing PRV substations, of 10" and 12"  diameter pipe sizes, and replacement with new, above ground PRV stations. Also, upgrading of an existing sanitary 6ft. diameter FRP station with new pumps, valves and electrical kiosk.

PRV Upgrade and Flowmeter Installation, Surrey
Owner: City of Surrey

Consultant: WSP/ MMM Group Ltd.

Description: PRV installation, including below grade chambers flow meters and piping for five sites: 116th Ave; 164th St & 95th Ave; 164th St & 96th Ave; Whalley 105th Ave & 148th St.

Fraser Wharves Meter Separation, Port Metro Vancouver
Owner: Port Metro Vancouver

Consultant: Aplin Martin Consultants Ltd.

Description: Installation of new 4" water meter, complete with chamber and new 10" above ground reduced backflow preventer.

Potable Water Supply, Belcarra Terrestrial Work
Owner: Village of Belcarra

Consultant: Opus Dayton & Knight.

Description: Construction of a pig receiving station along the Midden Road easement in Belcarra. Construction of a Booster pump-station at the Tatlow Rd. reservoir.  Installation of PLC and HMI at the Village Municipal Office and connecting to the existing fiber-optic cable.

Potable Water Supply Marine Pipeline Terrestrial Work, North Vancouver

Owner: Village of Belcarra

Consultant: Opus Dayton Knight Consultants Ltd.

Description: Construction and installation of 4" water valve chamber complete with associated in-ground piping, tie-ins to existing watermains, and supply and installation of electrical kiosk.

Dunlop PRV Station Construction, Delta

Owner: The Corporation of Delta

Consultant: Dayton & Knight Ltd.

Description: Construction of new, above ground PRV station housed in a building 7.4m long and 6.2m wide, including all mechanical and electrical installations.


North Rd PRV Station Upgrade, Port Moody

City of Port Moody

Consultant: Paragon Engineering Ltd.

Upgrading of the pressure reducing valve (PRV) station, including reconstruction of building; supply and installation of flow meter, piping and valves; upgrading of existing electrical systems, and miscellaneous site work.

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